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The Bhakti Yoga program is an 8 week course teaching practical ways to grow our compassion (both to ourselves and others). In this course, we will focus part of our attention on ways we can nourish ourselves so that we can show up more authentically and with more care in our lives.  Simultaneously, we will learn how to make our everyday interactions, be it an intimate relationship, or interactions with strangers on the subway a practice for self growth.

In addition to physical practices, mantra, meditation, resonance practices, and journaling, we will use the teachings of Ram Dass as our guide. These teachings offer us different methods to awaken to our natural state of compassion.  

We will also learn how important it is to witness and observe our tendencies/conditioned reactions to pain and suffering.  Through mindfulness and heartfulness, we can slowly grow into an environment for healing and compassion and learn how to integrate the parts of ourselves that we normally avoid confronting.


Wednesday nights from October 18th- December 6th 6:30pm-8pm

Will send address to participants upon request.

Sliding Scale Tuition ($40 = $5/class - $160 = $20/class)