Two new classes beginning in October…

Intuitive Movement and Kriyas

Sundays from 3 - 4:15pm at The Dream Hive (148 Spring Street SOHO NYC)

Class begins with opening body and breath with intuitive movement (inspired by chi gong and hatha yoga) before engaging in kundalini kriyas. Kundalini Yoga utilizes yoga postures, dynamic breath(pranayam), sound current (mantra), hand positions (mudra) and meditation. The specific kriyas (actions) used in Kundalini Yoga builds strength and vigor, conditions all systems of the body, helps clear the subconscious mind, attunes subtle energy, and aligns one with their highest destiny.


Community Chanting

Sundays from 5 - 6:15pm at The Dream Hive (148 Spring Street SOHO NYC)


Join me and a rotating band of musicians for the bhakti (devotional) yoga practice of call and response chanting, known as kirtan. Together we will sing the many names of the One, from within the Hindu and Sikh traditions (and others), invoking a deeper consciousness through sound. An often uplifting and cathartic experience, kirtan practice can serve as a great tool to access our inner worlds. Externally, we come together as a community in a unifying sound meditation. No experience necessary, chant sheets are provided.



Available in a private studio in Brooklyn, Asbury Park (New Jersey) or Virtual

Private lessons focus on your individual needs, helping to develop and deepen your yoga practice. New students have the ability to ask questions and receive detailed instructions and learn at their own pace. Choose your own adventure, studying various yogic practices such as hatha, pranayama, meditation, mantra, philosophy and kundalini yoga.

Please email for pricing and booking

For small or large groups, corporate, retreats, &/or special events, please email me for rates.