Keely Angel

november 3

The Epichorus

Hosted by the Woom Center


Full Body Concerts help us perceive music in a new way, encouraging listeners to practice taking in vibration through their whole physical form, not just through the eyes and ears. These sound experiences are organized so that you have space to lie down, and our team is on site to help you find a comfortable posture, whether it's on your back or in a personalized restorative yoga pose. There is a designated space for those inspired to move freely and dance. Chairs are available by request in advance.

The Epichorus performs Indo-Arabic roots music - contemporary music inspired by the old sounds.  They are lineage holders in classical traditions from India to Egypt and Greece, alongside Jazz and fusion aficionados.  Master vocalist Priya Darshini serenades beyond the bounds of language, moving fluidly between Hebrew, Hindi and Aramaic backed by Oud, Violin, Accordion, Hammered Dulcimer, Percussion and Upright Bass. Come ready to be transported by ethereal music reminiscent of a loftier home.




The Mantra Soundscape was one of the most peaceful and meditation-inducing group experiences I have had in a long time. Keely’s voice resonates at such an easeful high vibration, there is no room that can resist the depth of internal quiet she creates.
— Bob Doto
Mantra soundscapes led me into the inner dance of my body as I lay on the ground feeling the warmth and healing sounds of Keely serenading me. I left feeling both deeply relaxed and my body fully awakened.
— Deborah Bagg

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