Let the Body Settle

I seek equipoise

inner child, innocent child

eternal guardian of the path

before she was taught to judge, she witnessed

the scales of life didn’t exist

beneath my anxiety there is anger

below anger, fear

working through each:




dollar collapse catastrophizing-

i found the source of it all

this body will die

now deal with this certainty

past brain contraction

mind matter &  limited linear thought

a trap of preference

actually universe, I prefer not to die

so I will fuss over my pursuit of perfection

acquire goods and grow my kingdom

seek fame and live forever

darker than any death

is a life of anxiety

worry and wilt

i remembered:

use techniques that bring temperance

connection beyond perception

keely’s rituals

joy uncovered

nervous system chills the f out

easy baby, bike rides, fresh air, senses alive, art without expectation

dissolves all doubt

I rest

let the body settle with gravity

ah yes, soul incarnate

temple of bones

divine feminine fluctuation

So what rules my world

when my attention wanders back into old grooves

yet another opportunity to rediscover who i am

and what i’m about


this body will die

this soul shall live

Keely AngelComment